Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Importance of Becoming Self Aware

In life people often find themselves offended by what others say or do because they "think" the other person is trying to hurt them, but in reality the situation is touching a sensitive point or insecurity they have within and they interpret it completely different than intended. At times they become even more angry when the other person does not own up or take responsibility for their actions towards them or others when really they are absolutely not responsible for how other people feel if their intent was the opposite. If you are the person who is getting the finger pointed at and you did not do anything to deserve the negative feedback then do not allow it to bother you it is the other persons problem not yours. The same goes when someone does not like you. You have no control over how the other person feels and whatever their problem is is strictly their problem. They win when you allow it to effect you. If you can turn the cheek and let it go then eventually the energy will dissipate and the situation changes as a whole. The basis of this post is to help awaken people to how our own insecurities, fears, and pains are often triggered unconsciously by the assumed actions of others. We need to become aware of "actual" intend and not "assumed" intent. If you do not know the difference in a particular situation you have a to the person about it or let it go. If you hold onto it you will gain nothing but angst from the situation. It's important to be in touch with your inner emotions, know your pains and fear, and be aware of their triggers. If you sweep these things under the carpet or do not become conscious of who you truly are, you will continue to live in survivor mode and not grow as a person.
Become aware of who you are so you can better understand and hear the clear intent of others. If you can recognize when someone is merely triggering and insecurity and when they are truly intending to hurt you, you have achieved success in self awareness!