Sunday, March 16, 2014

Miracles Are Not Really Miracles!

Miracles are not really miracles they are merely things that happen that the mind could not fathom. If we opened our minds completely and understand there were truly no limits to anything we would never experience the miracle phenomenon. So do miracles exist? Yes! Because they are there to help you open your minds! Just when you have given up a miracle happens! Just when  you thought it could not get any worse an answer to your prayers happens! It's a miracle! What did you learn from experiencing a miracle? You may have learned that prayers are answered but really the ultimate experience was that your mind was opened and something you never imagined was experienced. You learned that anything is possible and that if you pray, if you ask, if you think it it will become. So now what did a miracle teach you? You have the ultimate power to create anything! You are an unlimited being and nothing is impossible no matter how hard and dark times may get. A miracle teaches you to never give up hope and to quiet your mind and think creatively! So the next time you are troubled and you feel life can not get any harder what are you going to do about it? Sink and fall into your miserly or are you going to pray, ask, think it and make what you truly want to happen come alive? Miracles are not really miracles but they are when we need to wake up and remember who we really are!