Monday, March 24, 2014

Consciousness and Awareness

  Raise your hand if you think we are the only ones in all of the universes? No? If existence is so vast and grand how can we live our lives so narrow minded? Our consciousness on this plane is very new. We only use a small percentage of our brain and our consciousness is sleeping deep. In order to wake up we have to shift our awareness to the fact that we are very small piece to a grand larger whole. A whole for which we are in complete sync and harmony with and do not even know it. A whole for which we have no need to fight or struggle. A whole that is much less complex that our 3D minds have made it. In order for our consciousness to shift to a more vast awareness we must first look outside of our ego's and realize that nothing is impossible. Once we can grasp that existence is limitless we will begin to see we are part of that limitlessness and begin to shift towards a more clear understanding. We will start to wake up from our deep sleep. As we begin to wake we will feel as though we are in a nightmare. Everything we have known to be true will be shattered. Our mere survival will appear to no longer need to exist just in order for us to shift. There is no need to fear. When the nightmare grabs hold you let go! When feel takes over you all you do is let go! You give up...and let go. After your awareness shifts your consciousness will have a new awakening. It will be one that feels heaven sent, literally. Everything will be clear and you feel as though you had always been here...because you have and you are. Shifting is literally shifting your awareness to a place you have never left and that you have always been a part of. Shifting to a new awareness will feel like home because its the place you long for when you are here sound asleep. Those who escape in the 3D awareness through drugs and other addictive behaviors are all longing for this shift but they will never be able to do so unless they are willing to walk through the nightmare and let go. Everything will repeat over and over. The pain will be eternal and unforgiving, so it seems, until you open your heart and see that home is a shift away. It sounds easy but you must pass through your own hell with your arms wide open holding onto nothing free as can be...and only then will you be home...alive, aware, and wide awake!