Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You Are My Perfect Reflection

We are viewing this world from our human ego perspective. There really is no debate about this. We are humans who are self involved all looking for the same thing. That one thing. We go about so many ways of getting it. Most of us do not even know exactly what it is. For some they think its money, for others, sex, some its dominance or control, and then there are the ones who wander wanting and needing and not knowing for what. We use words that are correlated with images that we have stored in our minds memory bank. One word may trigger a totally different thought for one person than another but create the exact same stimuli. So we use words, thoughts, and images to take us to a place where we feel and have that one thing we really want. We go to extreme lengths to gain it even committing some of the most heinous crimes. It all becomes one big complicated convoluted disaster of a life. It creates horrendous cycles of pain and agony, moments pleasure and temporary fulfillment all for that one thing! That one same thing!
If I had to put a word to it, and it seems the only way some of you will be able to fathom what I am speaking of, I will have to use the four letter word LOVE. When we are all reaching for that one thing we use our brains, our thoughts, and the images to make us think its something other than LOVE.
Let's do an experiment. Close your eyes and think of that one thing it is you think you want so badly. Awwww, you are envisioning money. It will solve so many of your problems. It will pay your bills and debt so you do not have to worry about it and you can focus on the real things that matter in life. What is that one thing you'd rather be worrying about and taking care of if you didn't have to worry about money? Finding LOVE, giving time and LOVE to your spouse, children, and friends? Ohhhh, so you are actually envisioning that one thing to be a job. If you had a job then you would be able to pay your bills, and in turn focusing on finding a mate, loving your spouse, children, family, or friends? No? Ok then you were envisioning a new car, a roof over your head, world peace, no more war or fighting, a new wardrobe, or a brighter social life?
It doesn't really matter what it is you are wanting it is all going to come down to the same common denominator, LOVE.
We are all humans and when we look inside each other we are perfect reflections of the person next to us. It doesn't matter if that person is a murderer or Mother Theresa we all want the same things. The images, thoughts, and words have all trained and conditioned us to see life as a complete and utter illusion and make our lives more complicated then needed. We are all perfect reflections, we are all the same, we are all one, and most of all no one person is higher or lower than another.
With the recognition that we are all each others perfect reflection we take on a whole new awakening. Our consciousness is changing as we read this. We are starting to remove the rose colored glasses and see life for what it is. In recognizing ourselves in each other we have empowered ourselves to conquer feats we never imagined were possible. If I am the same as Oprah then I have the same ability to change my life and others and still succeed in life. If I am the same as Obama or George Bush then I am still capable of making great changes both positive and negative in the world at large. If I am the same as Charles Manson the I have the power to manipulate and control other to kill. If I am the same as Buddha or Jesus then I have the capacity to love unconditionally and with compassion. If I am the same as all them then I am the same as you and you are my perfect reflection.