Friday, July 28, 2017

Dreams are just another reality

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Many people have concepts and theories about the world we go to when we dream. No one answer is right or wrong because your perception on what dreams are help you be aware in your current state of perception...but I would like to take a moment and expand on that perception and possibly shift your consciousness a bit. In my current awareness I have discovered dreams are not just metaphors for things happening in your everyday life they are literally your souls experience in another awareness or reality. It's hard to understand how climbing on a wall like a spider while talking to your sister who is in a body you do not recognize, yet you know it's your sister, and eating a pizza all at the same time could truly be another awareness of an experience your soul is having simultaneously with this awareness, or now moment, but we live in a very limited reality. If you believe that anything is possible or that if you think it than it can be, then this theory should not be all too abstract for you. When we sleep it gives our soul the opportunity to help us become aware of our limitless. We truly are limitless beings trapped in a 3D reality that allows us to believe we are nothing more than what we see and feel in the moment. As limitless beings we can use this perspective to expand our consciousness and use the knowledge of other awareness's to grow and shift in this reality. Recently I became of a very unique awareness in another reality where I met a person and had an experience with them. I knew as it was happening that I was aware in both realities and when I awoke I asked my higher soul to help bring the lesson from that reality into this awareness. Three days later synchronicity took hold and I was sitting in my own world minding my own business and when I looked up there was the person I had met in the other awareness. It was so instant for me but I am not sure if it was on a conscious level for her. The whole experienced played out metaphorically similar to what I had witnessed while asleep and aware in the other reality and when I spoke to my guides they explained to me that I needed to journal the experience so I could step back and look and see what I needed to learn from the connection with this other soul. My lesson is fairly personal and I will not go into here but let me just say that I became aware of how I deal with things on more than one level and becoming aware of this unhealthy pattern is half the battle to releasing it from my life.
I suggest that anyone reading this post begin consciously asking to remember your dreams upon awakening and then journaling the littlest details. As you do this more and more your dreams, or awareness of other realities will become more and move vivid and real and your consciousness will naturally begin to expand. So dreams may be meant for us to look at metaphorically as we have been taught but what may truly be happening is we are aware of ourselves in another reality and it mirrors the one we are currently in therefore we take those experiences and learn from them so a shift can happen on multiple levels!
Try it and please share with me your experiences. I believe the more we talk about expanding our consciousness and the more we are aware of our soul in other realities the faster the rate we being to grow and expand!