Saturday, October 17, 2015

Do not feel sorry for FAKE people....

"You don't have to be perfect. Just be real."  - Sonia Choquette:

In all my years of life experience I have come to the conclusion that no matter what you do, where you go, or how nice you are not everyone is going to like you nor should you want them to. If you can carry yourself in confidence and not let the shallow or jaded bring you down you are leading the path for others to follow in the light of your path. It is important that if we want a world of more happy and peaceful people that we be our authentic self and not care what others think, say, or how they treat us. If there are people in your life who look down upon you then pray for them to grow and heal the place within them that is cold and sad. If you have people around you who are jealous or intend you emotional or physical harm, then know you are just the punching bag for their inner pain they are needing to release. When you have become their target do not return the punches it will not do you or them any good. Do not waste your energy feeling sorry for them that will only add to the negativity. Instead, ask that their anger or sadness be healed and returned to them with love and guidance, and then go about being who you are! Do not let other's pain shake your inner happiness. No one has to live your life but you and if you want to be happy then be happy!
As you move through the steps of releasing other peoples negative intentions you will notice that those people either fall away and out of your life, or change and adapt to who you are. If you are in an unhealthy relationship, no matter they type, do not fear that person no longer being out in your life just because you choose to be happy and they choose to be sad. Instead, know that if they are truly meant to be in your life they will either change and remain a part of your life, or they will fall away. It may be painful to see someone who has always been a part of your life suddenly gone but in the long run you will be happy and your life will be that much richer. The more happy people we have in the world the lighter the world will be.
Today my inner confidence was challenged when someone I care for used words of shallow intent. At first I was very angry and I quickly released it realizing that I was letting that person's inner pain affect me emotionally. I reminded myself of my healthy boundaries and calmed myself down. Once I was focused and able to reflect from a healthier state of mind I release the negativity to the universe and asked it to be healed and sent back to that person with love and guidance. I have no anger for them I have faith that as they throw their sharp arrows my way I will send them back with love and healing so that they may grow and shine brighter too.
So I end this blog tonight by sending out an abundance of positive vibes to you ALL! I ask the universe to send healing love and light to your inner sadness and pray you are self confident enough to release the negativity to the universe to be healed and returned with love and guidance.
Peace to you ALL <3 p="">