Monday, May 18, 2015

What's the Meaning of Life?

"Some think we are here in this life to work, sleep, watch tv and do what we can to get through the day sanely...but others know they are here for so much more and therefore tune out the petty stuff and get right to spreadin' the love." ~Lori Marie
 So tell me how your last few days went. No wait, let me guess. You woke up, took a shower, rushed out the door to work, forgot to eat, growled at the cars in traffic, arrived to work irritated, got on the phones and made other peoples day just as irritated, ate lunch from a vending machine at your desk, had customers scream at you all day, stopped at McDonald's on your way home and ate way more than you anticipate, laid on the couch drained, texted friends, went on facebook, and fell asleep watching a netflix series...only to wake up and do it all over again. Oh no? You have the scenario is slightly altered being you had added responsibilities in there and they lost out on things too....all while showing your child by example how to live their life...they are only our future. You paid your bills, you spent too much on things you don't need, you went out and partied too hard and wasted your money to only have a headache, and you got in fights with anyone who crossed you. Wow, life must be really meaningful for you....but its all you know.
I am not going to sit here and judge those who can relate to the lives I have described above...that would be shallow and heartless. Instead I am going to take the time to hopefully enlighten you and help you realize that there is much more to life then why Kylie Jenner suddenly has fat lips or if you bought the latest fashion trends. Maybe you are one of those people who gets into relationship after relationship and can never seem to make it work yet don't know how to be alone. Can you take a few seconds and allow yourself to look below the surface and tell me if you truly believe that the meaning of life is who you are married to or how much money you have in the bank? Does the meaning of life have anything to do with the youtube videos and facebook posts you have been reading all day? Do you think you are truly here to make money, go on vacations, and be so wealthy you have nothing to worry about? Can you tell me then what is the meaning of life?
Not a single thing listed above that is for sure. If life is all about getting high or drunk, finding ways to escape reality, and being so wealthy we have nothing to worry about then way are we even here....all we are trying to do is escape here and find a better here. When you want something outside yourself it is because you don't like what is inside yourself and if you don't like whats inside yourself then why are you even here? Why live? Why go on? There is no point there is only pain. Oh wait you don't want the you escape it instead of fixing the problem. The problem is you don't understand the the meaning of life is merely loving yourself. We are here to learn to love ourselves and then shine so bright that the love spills over and others feel the love too! Sometimes the love is so great it is a ripple effect and others begin to realize what they have been missing and begin to understand what love is.
I don't know about you but I believe that the meaning of my life is to understand what love is, find it within me, and then love every little thing about life...the good, the bad, and the ugly....because it is all a part of me. You are a part of me...I may not think your choices are meaningful in my opinion but I can still share the light with you! What ever your mission in life is it will all boil down to one common thing....LOVE.
So turn off the tv, eat a healthy breakfast, sing a song on the way to work, hold the door and smile at someone even if they made you angry the day before, and end your day staring up into the stars and breathing in the beauty of our existence. It doesn't take much to make each moment of our lives count. Love yourself and you will be able to love others.
So now tell me...what is the meaning of life?