Monday, September 8, 2014

Reincarnation? What?

Not everyone believes in reincarnation and this posts intent is not to try and persuade anyone to believe in one thing or another. This post is for people who are already familiar with the term reincarnation and want to explore it a bit further. Who wish to possibly expand their awareness.

Is the purpose of reincarnation purely so your soul can remember who it is? So that you keep coming back over and over to learn all the lessons you need to know so you can understand who and what you truly are. Not ego...but one consciousness.

The answer is no.

 First off let me throw you off a bit by saying "technically there is no such thing as reincarnation because time is an illusion and does not really exist." In actuality our soul is experiencing multiple fragments of our selves in many parallel realities all simultaneously. Our brains can not fathom this because we are thinking from a 3D perspective but in meditation or other alter forms of consciousness (such as taking LSD or DMT) you can tap into an other self in another awareness and begin to grasp this, and in turn bring that awareness back and eventually fusing the two selves together. What is actually happening is that the "one" consciousness is trying to wake up all the other fragmented selves and wake them back up and fuse back into "one" in we are all "one".
Now when we experience dejavu or recall a past life what we have done is actually brought into awareness a fragmented self and are able to overcome that self and move this self forwardone step closer to ultimate oneness.

So in some ways reincarnation is to learn lessons and it may appear you are learning the same things over and over until  you finally get it right...but really all your fragmented selves are learning these things simultaneously and you are only aware of part of it. The power of knowing that we are aware in parallel  realities is we can find ways in this reality to tap into those awareness's in order to make this reality more tolerable. Earth is a very low energy place and in the 3D perspective we experience it through intense pain and joy. In other realities pain is not needed because that awareness has already reached a place of understanding. If we tap into a past awareness we can heal it and let it go and in this awareness whatever it was you healed will change for the positive in the now. You can also tap into the more aware consciousness and bring its knowledge back into the now to heal and conquer. Merely reading this post and trying to wrap your brain around the reality of parallels and the power you have to control the moment is expanding your awareness to the point that some sort of healing and change will happen.

Change is inevitable.

Taking this post a tad further and helping you see further outside the box. Your soul is not only fragmented here on the planet earth. Your soul is fragmented in both light and dark beings in various stages of awareness. In this self you may be extremely fond of Sea Turtles and you may look up information on Native American tribal Sea Turtle medicine and see what the strengths and weaknesses of Sea Turtles is and completely relate to it with what is going on in your life. Who knows maybe in another awareness your self is a Sea Turtle and in this self the awareness of its strengths and weaknesses wakes you up to something you need to learn to grow. Hey maybe that self as a Sea Turtle isn't even from another time. Maybe that fragmented part of yourself is in the ocean at this very moment as you are on the beach thinking of Sea Turtles.

Or, maybe you are a light being with supreme intelligence and on a mission to keep the universe in tact. You know how people think we have doppelgangers? Someone somewhere else that looks exactly like us...Who is to say?  Who knows? But it goes back to the saying that as soon as you can think it it can be. Be aware of your thoughts. Use them to grow...use it to wake up!

Keep in mind too that this self, here and now, may not even be here to learn anything. Maybe this self is here to remember so that the others wake up. Maybe your experience right now is expanding awareness enough to wake another soul up. Maybe the pain you go through this evening when you get bit by the neighbors dog is an experience that will help expand someone else's awareness. Maybe this awareness is merely a form of sacrifice you agreed to in this times awareness so others will finally wake up. Haven't you heard the term your born already knowing. Why do you think that is? Do we all already know this...and were just remembering? So we snap out of it? Am I here so YOU snap out of it?

I feel extremely empowered to know that this pain isn't for nothing and that it won't last forever. I feel extremely powerful and whole knowing that I really do have full control over how I experience this existence.

All in all your soul is who you really are and it does not matter what awareness or perspective you try to look at it from. In the end you and we are all "one". It all fuses together and is all one consciousness.

Now you just need to decide what you are going to do with this new awareness!