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Finding our Spirit Animals and totems


More than likely if you are reading this article about spirit animals you probably have a favorite animal. Some people have this animal everywhere and often get gifts from others with the animal on it because they know you love this animal so much. This favorite animal is your spirit animal and carries with it special skills and messages that are beneficial for you to embrace if you aren’t naturally doing so already. On some level you relate closely and feel a sort of connection or kinship in this animal. It could be from a past life where this animal was in your life or you were this animal in a past life. Any way there is to it this animal is one of many who are part of your Spirit totem. A spirit totem is a sacred spirit tribe of animal guides. Some of these spirit animals have always been with you and others come and go. You may not always be aware of them but they are always there. The divine universe is not separate from us and is always talking to us. Sometimes we think things are our imagination but a majority of the time it’s the universe trying to help you on your life path. Animals are often loved or feared and all of them have very unique skills and features about them that when presented to us can be utilized to get us through tough times.

There are quite a few ways for you to tap into your higher self and try and decipher which spirit animals are part of your totem and which spirit animals are passing through with a message or skill for you to embrace on your current path. This article will share some of the most common spirit animals and a few very unique and rare ones as well. Keep in mind that any animals not listed here that you feel drawn to or who cross your path and catch your awareness for a split second are in your life for a reason and their message can be found in learning more about who they are as a species. You can research the animal and look at them metaphorically while using your intuition to see what it is they are trying to teach or the message they have for you.

Some other ways you may find out who your spirit animal is:

  • Meditation

  • Going in nature and observing

  • Calling the animal or nature

  • Looking within

  • Art and creative writing

  • Writing about it in your journal

  • Tapping into your Imagination

Before we go into the different spirit animals I want you to think about first what your three favorite animals are and either write their names down in order of the strongest connection you feel toward that animal. Next to each animal write one strong physical feature that can be seen with your eyes, one strong physical skill they have, and one unique thing about them that stands out to you most. Next leave the 4th and final spirit animal blank. This gives you the opportunity to ask the divine universe to send you a sign of what the 4th animal in your totem is. If you were unable to come up with three favorites you can also ask them to present to you a sign of what your other spirit animals may be.

Once you consciously put out to the divine universe that you are interested in connecting with your spirit animal they will find various ways for you to show who that animal is. You may see animals on a billboard or hear someone talk about an animal, or you may even watch a movie with an animal but the moment an animal is presented to you and you feel an ah-ha moment and an instant knowing that the universe is showing you this animal for a reason that is your 4th totem animal. These four are your spirit animal tribe so to speak and they may have always been with you or are here at this stage in life.

Using the same technique above when you have a problem you can ask the universe for a sign to help you with a problem and they will present an animal to you and that animal's characteristics may just have the message you need. Keep in mind spirit animals can be all of nature not just animals. Often insects and other living creatures in nature are part of our spirit totem as well.

Spirit Animal characteristics, skills, and messages

Bat - community, longevity, maneuverability, good fortune, evolution, and supernatural

Bear - Strength, confidence, healing, grounding

Bee - focus, dedication, hard work, teamwork, fertility, prosperity, and generosity

Bird - elevation, enlightenment, hope, and wisdom, birds eye view

other unique birds

Crow - change, adaptability, cleverness and intelligence, and psychic abilities

Eagle - ambition, duty, fortitude, and willpower

Parrot - communication, friendship, celebration, joyful expression

Hummingbird - flexibility, lighthearted, joy, messages from spirit

Owl - intuition, wisdom, a seer

Peacock - wholeness, regeneration, watchfulness, confident

Turkey - pride, abundance, generosity, awareness, fertility, sacrafice

Cat - feminine sexuality, independent spirit, creativity, and power

Cougar - and other large cats

Jaguar - self-control, patience, and discretion

Lion - majesty, courage, strength, protection, family, wisdom, admirable

Panther - shadow self, life-death-rebirth, power, beauty, grace

Tiger - primal instincts, unpredictable, curious, dynamic, intelligent

Deer - grace, kindness, listening to intuition, gentleness, and innocence

Dog - loyal, playful, obedient, affectionate, energetic, instincts

other unique dogs

Coyote - wisdom, folly, guile, innocence, stealth

Wolf - Intelligence, instincts, social

Dolphin - and other ocean mammals

other unique ocean animals

Whale - wisdom, spiritual awareness, luck, and long lasting love

Seal - strength, intuition, imaginative, playful, expressing happiness

Dragon - ancient knowledge, change, choices, dreams, fertility, fire element

Dragonfly - agility, quick thinker, switch gears quickly, balance work and rest

Elephant - strong memory, Peaceful, Strength, Loyalty, Affection, Compassion

Fox - Discernment, responsive, agility, smart - witty, tricky or misleading

Frog - not scared to leap, change, fertility, potential, transformation

Horse - Loyal, emotional, sensitive, introspective, adventurous, social

Ladybug - renewal, rebirth, past lives, abundance, hope

other unique insects/reptiles

Scorpion - regeneration, determination, stubborn, perseverance, intense

Snake - charismatic, dangerous, sexuality, instinctual, turmoil, confusion

Panda - yin yang/balance, peaceful problem solver, grateful, playful, flexible

Rabbit - positive, signifying growth, abundance, wealth, fertility and rebirth

Racoon - disguise, trickery, adaptability, dexterity, resourcefulness, and training

Squirrel - enthusiasm, resourceful, mischievous, renewal, energy, positivity, hard work

Giraffe - sees the bigger picture, proud, letting go, communication, clairvoyance

Turtle - Mother Earth, Healing, Wisdom, Good Health, Protection, family, dependable

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