Friday, February 18, 2022

Awareness is the answer to our existence...

I heard someone in a tik tok say the search for pleasure is an addiction and that everything we do is in search for pleasure and he quoted the Buddha's saying searching for pleasure brings suffering. So instead find your own joy and find peace in that.

BUT I realized that once that has been obtained, if it is possible as a human, then it only creates the same thing…seeking our own joy so we find peace. There is no difference in that statement. Finding peace in pain? Sitting in pain. What happens when you sit in pain? You become aware of the pain. What happens when you are very happy? You become aware of what makes you happy even if it is from an altering thing such as drugs or a relationship. But then those same things all bring a level of pain and you are aware of that too.

LITERALLY the meaning of existence is nothing but being aware. Being aware of everything. Bringing light to that which once eluded you. Why did something happen? You find out by bringing awareness to the things around it. Why do we exist? In order to know why we exist we are forced to become aware. Why did that car crash gointo the other car? This and that were happening and each person needed to experience it for their own awareness of something and we witnessed it to bring our awareness to it for our own reason. To be detached doesn’t mean to not engage or be involved, it means that when we detach we are able to see outside of the situation and bring awareness to what is really happening. Again you can take anything and fit in it that the answer is merely awareness. As soon as we are sick we try to find out why….we do things we never did before, some of those things work some of them do not work…we have brought awareness to behaviors and habits we never knew existed but the illness forced us to look and become aware of things.

When we escape we become aware of other things and when those things bring suffering and pain we become aware that they brought us suffering and pain and we move onto something else. And then we get to a state of being which is why we are experiencing all these things….just you asking is the point…to become aware…to not sit back and just exist. To ask the whys to search and experience. There is no right and wrong because both bring awareness in our own unique situations. When we over think as many of us do we are in a sense escaping as well. We are overloading our brains with worries and things we have no control over but if we quiet our brains and detach we bring awareness to all the things we thought were going on and see what it really was.

There is no other point to life except awareness. Become aware of who you have always been…you came to experience this life to wake up from the illusion of what is projecting outside of you and be aware of who and what you really are. 

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Quantum Jumping Timelines while Co-Creating and Manifesting your Best life!

Our Auras - energy field - are how it is decided which timeline or path of reality we are on currently on based on how we vibrationally match that reality. This determines our current timeline we are on which we are constantly jumping from one to another frequently as we change our vibration with every passing thought or event. This is why they say we are limitless with and always have endless possibilities.

Our auras are our own thoughts, beliefs, intentions and are often also colored by the interaction we have with our environment and other people. Our aura is colored by our awareness of ourselves which is through the interactions of our environment and others as well as our time with self reflection and when we go within. It is the power of self awareness and knowledge and the will to go within and learn who we truly are where we have the ability to co-create and manifest our desires and dreams.

If we have the power to know ourselves and see ourselves growing and changing in front of us we then have the power to change our vibration merely by dreaming and healing simultaneously. This may entail us eliminating toxic environments and people who do not allow us to vibrate our true authentic selves.

By being self aware and on the path to healing we learn to flow and allow….this is where Co-creating begins. If we put out what we desire with our creative visualization along with changing our auras to live our most authentic self we then merely allow and flow with the universe to make it happen. We do not PHYSICALLY have to manipulate anything…we merely have to heal, grow, and live the most authentic life. Others are able to manifest through manipulation but they are creating karmic pathways that must be lived through and inturn create obstacles and pain…and most of us want to avoid as much pain as possible…and if we are going to feel pain it might as be through the process of growing and healing and eliminating karma and not making more karma.

The below is a passage from Colette Baron Reid’s tarot Oracle deck the “Seeing Beyond” card.

There are two ways to view the world and co-create with it: One is from a face-value perspective; what you see is what you get. The second is allowing your imagination to see beyond what something “is” right now and move into a place that doesn’t yet exist in the material world. In this cosmic playground. of possibilities, you see into a future where anything you imagine has the potential to become real.

If you use your imagination faithfully and consciously, avoiding the traps of fearful projection and drama, you can connect to any reality you truly want to experience. When you open yourself even further, you’re often gifted with a Divine vision. As a practice, you can reimagine that vision over and over to strengthen it. As you channel these visions through you, you become a superconductor for the world.

Today know that your vision, what you imagined forming in the invisible, will be delivered into the material world. Don’t worry about the timing of things; that is in the hands of the universe. Your job is to continue to imagine, take a few steps forward, then imagine some more. The universe’s job is to make it real. What a fabulous partnership.

In closing if you want to change your reality and manifest your dreams merely heal, grow, be vulnerable, and live your most authentic life followed by allowing and flowing so that the universe can put your intentions and current vibrations and manifest your best life!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


This blog post is a test in reaching out to those who are ready to tap into universal or
divine consciousness. This post's original form is in a workbook feel free to write your
personal answers on paper or in a journal of your choice. All comments are welcome
and no comments will be deleted or filtered. If you are interested in more exercises in
ACCESSING KNOWINGNESS feel free to email me.


Accessing Knowingness is tapping into the divine universe and channeling that knowledge.
At times it can be jumbled and misread because our brains and communication are so limited
in comparison to the vastness of the divine but there is always a way to filter it so that the most
appropriate message is relayed. No knowledge comes through that the divine doesn’t want you
to know it all has a purpose. All the thoughts you think all the feelings you feel are all the universe's
way of communicating to you and guiding you on your way.

Accessing Knowingness is “knowing” that every thought you have is a message. Sometimes those
thoughts do not sit right with you and you feel mislead. There is no right and wrong there is no
mislead. You needed to hear what you heard you needed to think what you thought you needed to
feel what you felt so that the awareness can expand and grow to where you will eventually be. 


Ask yourself in this instance a question you want divine guidance on. Do not feel the need to filter or
limit what you would like to know.
Write the question below:


No close your eyes and repeat the question in your minds eye. Then open your eyes and write every
thought that comes into your head. Express every feeling you feel. Do not analyse or over think just
write what comes to you:

You just accessed Divine Knowingness.

How do you know if the message you channeled is correct or not? How do you know if it will lead you '
to your desired outcome or not? Because you already know that there is no right or wrong answer,
thought, or feeling. The divine universe already knew what would pass through your mind and the
divine universe made sure it woke you up to a new awareness.
Now will this answer or truth be the same if you ask this question in a month? Maybe not. You have
opened a gateway to a new awareness that has the chance to grow and expand in both positive and
negative ways. What ever manifests after this exercise brought you on the exact path the divine
universe knows you needed to take to bring you to your next expanded awareness. Everything
happens for a reason.

Part I
You may have felt like your translation in the first exercise was jumbled and scattered. It is possible
you spent some time questioning yourself and what you were writing unsure if it was your feelings or
over thinking. Again none of it was wrong. In this next exercise we are going to help you shift your
energy to a place where it feels more clear and calm. Listen to the link below for 30 mins while doing
any everyday tasks such as cleaning, reading, or going for a walk. When you are done follow the
second part of this exercise.

Listening to these tunes will subconsciously shift your energy to a place where channeled information
will come through accurate and clearly. 

Part II
Sit or lay comfortably while listening to the chants. Once you feel a sense of peace ask a question
that has been on your mind. You may ask any question at all. Once you have asked the question
allow yourself to listen to the thoughts and feelings that come into your mind. Some may hear words,
some may have visions, and others may just feel peaceful. If you fall asleep and feel as though you
did not receive any answers you are very wrong. While the mental brain is resting your higher self and
subconsciousness were listening clearly. Now take some to record what came to you after your asked
your question and record your experience below. The amount of time you spent while listen to the
chants and working through your question does not matter. You could have been listening for 5
minutes or asleep for 5 hours. If you did not consciously remember anything merely write how you
are thinking and feeling in regards to your question the same as you did in exercise 1. 


For more information or exercises in Accessing Knowingness email Lori Marie at

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Every thought has been thought...

"Every thought has been thought"...what does that mean?
When looking at life, time, the universe, consciousness it is all infinite and repeating...nothing is new or original it is all a spiral cycle of never ending consciousness in physical form. We are merely channel that which has already been though, happened, or created. When we speak, when we make art, write movies and books, why do you think we have de ja vue? It feels family because it has already happened and we are just as aware of it as our mind can articulate in this state of consciousness in this dimension....wrap your brain about that...don't take my word for it...literally just ponder the though and see what feels right...the next time you create something...did "you" do it? Who are "you" anyway?....

Monday, September 3, 2018

Spoiler Alert! We Do Not Have Free Will

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SURRENDER - Spirit Orchestrates Everything
We can rationalize all we want and in reality, we all are going to believe what we want but as the messages come pouring in the truth is we do not have free will, Spirit Orchestrates everything. You have heard of "The Divine Plan". Anyone who believes in God believes in a Divine Plan but never really took into consideration that within the divine plan we are literally playing out our part and do not necessarily get to choose. We knew this before this incarnation. As divine beings living a human experience we understood what we were about to go through, but we did not realize it would be so hard and painful. The goal is to remember who we are and to surrender to this so called divine plan and live from a place of authenticity if that is accepted by others or not. Everything has a place within the divine plan and if we do not like how we feel within our role then we merely must change our perspective. 
The main message I have been receiving lately is surrender. What does that even mean? Over the years when I heard the term I always related it back to a very religious thing. Now that I am being shown that there is no need to fight against life that if we merely surrender and change our perspective life be much grander. No one said this was easy. I personally am not having an easy time with it at all but truthfully floating sounds much easier than swimming against the current. My perspective is that sitting here surrendering is like waiting for your turn to go on the swing. You want to go so bad and you are in pain from the anticipation. I guess that is where I need to change my perspective. Why do I need to wait? Why can't I enjoy the blessings right in front of me and see the positive instead of seeing the lack and the negative and feeling only the pain? I know surrendering is the answer, but I wish it was an easier task for the conditioned perspective is truly toxic and deadly for a lack of a better word.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Understanding "Soulmates".
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Understanding "Soulmates"
As humans we long for connection and the exchange of true love. We can not survive without it so during our time in this incarnation we roam the earth on a journey to find our soulmate or "the one". But what we really discover as we go about this transformative path is what we are really looking for is a connection to who and what we really are...when we find our mates or any relationship we have actually found a mirror. In the beginning this mirror is grand and perfect and it is exactly what we have always wanted! In those early moments we have found ourselves....and as our expectations take hold we begin to see things we do not like in the other. This too is our perfect reflection. So what do we do? Mostly we long again for the connection and we go about our journey again thinking we are looking for something in someone else....but we are not. Your soulmate is "you" and when you truly do find your soulmate, yourself, and you feel that connection you long for only then will you be able to have a truly human unconditional connection with no expectations with another person. You have discovered your soulmate has been with you all along and that when you connect with others it is more beautiful than you ever imagined. So as you move forward on your path of searching try and change your perspective and be open to what you find because it is not what you have always thought it to be, it much closer and easier to find! It is you!